Software development at the highest level

That is how we implement secure, robust, and flexible e-commerce platforms for our customers.

Mission Statement

Quality is of utmost importance at netz98

In our view, there are three important requirements in software development:

  • Security
  • Robustness
  • Flexibility

We take these requirements very seriously because the e-commerce platforms we design and implement on the basis of Magento are connected directly to mission-critical processes of our customers. They typically contribute to the ongoing digitization of companies. That’s why we focus on sustainable quality.

Development services

Our quality standards at a glance

Quality Engineering

In order to consistently maintain our very high standards, we rely on a high degree of automation and standardization. Using special systems and processes, we continuously monitor and document our development. This allows automated and reproducible testing, setup, and deployment of projects.

Continuous integration & delivery

Deploying new versions and features today must be fast and without noticeable downtimes. A well-maintained and robust system is updated several times a day thanks to continuous integration and continuous delivery workflows, modern techniques, and automatic mechanisms. That is the only way to ensure robust lifecycle management.

Cloud orchestration

In a multi-cloud environment where services are spread across multiple networks but work closely together, you can quickly lose track. Our solution: We reduce all manual intervention to an absolute minimum by standardizing and automating processes.

Build pipelines

Build pipelines are particularly important to any company developing software. They relieve the team and result in a significant reduction of errors. In the e-commerce environment, new functions or bug fixes can thus be published faster.


The benefits of our quality standards

Agile development

Thanks to the test-driven integration processes with continuous integration, we can flexibly react to changes.


With multiple automatic processes (code analysis, mock tests, stress tests, unit and integration tests, etc.), we reduce manual work, increasing both, development speed and code quality.

Four-eyes principle

Despite a very high level of automation, we also rely on code reviews by our senior developers. They ensure optimum code quality.


The high quality standards of netz98 ensure robust and reliable software products and e-commerce platforms, reducing long-term operating and maintenance costs.

High security

Our stress tests, security tests, and deployments via continuous delivery ensure up-to-date and secure software at all times.

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