B2B online ordering platform

Implementation of an ordering platform, based on Magento Commerce

The customer

Meyer Quick Service Logistics

Meyer Quick Service Logistics (QSL), headquartered in Friedrichsdorf, is a food logistics provider with commerce function that controls the entire logistics processes of its customers, manages their operational purchasing, purchases, stores, commissions, and distributes inventory, and also handles the entire billing process. QSL supplies more than 1,200 franchise brand restaurants all across Europe with goods in a one-stop-shop process, such as Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Pizza Hut.

Features & benefits

Tour planning system

Specialized solution for logistics systems for mapping a tour plan in the order workflow. Restaurants are provided with detailed information about logistics and time planning during the ordering phase.

ERP integration

Robust interfaces for handling more than 1,000 orders simultaneously. Special emphasis placed on performance and robustness.

Individual checkout

In order to be able to serve the individual restaurants with individual tour plans, a direct checkout workflow was created, differing drastically from the classic checkout.


  • Development of an order platform, based on the requirements of QSL
  • Desire to create a scalable and industry-leading order platform for B2B Logistics
  • B2B e-commerce with QSL as a full service logistics provider
  • Ability to implement customized order processes
  • Ability to adapt to different concepts in the food service industry
  • Rollout in multiple countries

Project steps

  • Strategic and technical consultation on the implementation of the order portal, based on Magento Commerce
  • Development of the central B2B ordering platform for BURGER KING and other well-known chains, such as BURGERISTA, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Quick.fr
  • Implementation of individual tour planning systems for each fast food chain: Each branch within the chains has its own ordering time slots and tour plans, so that the truck routes are optimized and the cold chains are optimally utilized.
  • Clear order history and individual order suggestions: A branch is proposed a complete order on the basis of past orders. At the push of a button, the quantities are pre-filled and the order is placed within seconds.
  • Custom order workflow instead of the traditional checkout system
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Interface to truck tracking
  • Development of a white label store solution with a standardized process to quickly and cost-effectively set up new stores within the Magento instance of QSL
  • Ensuring very high efficiency through standardized functionalities, interfaces, and configurations
  • Ensuring high quality standards and high test coverage
  • Development and implementation of bi-directional interfaces between the B2B order platform and the ERP system of QSL
  • Connecting international customers to the platform, for example Yummy (UK) and Quick (France).


Orders at peak times
products with individual prices
netz98 flyin

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