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Successful replatforming from Magento 1 to Magento 2 – enthusiastic response to the new B2C e-commerce platform!

Mey has been offering its customers 24/7 shopping via the online store since 2009. At the beginning of 2019, Mey approached the digitization specialist, netz98, with the aim of becoming technologically fit for the future with a newly built online store. In netz98, Mey found an experienced digitization partner who, after extensive consultation, took five months to realize the project in close cooperation with Mey.

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The customer

“Mey is innovative, sophisticated, and responsible”, this is how the market-leading supplier of high-quality women’s and men’s underwear describes itself. More than 50 percent of the value chain is in Germany, the fabric is produced predominantly at the company headquarters in Albstadt-Lautlingen in Baden-Württemberg. The success story of the family company goes back to 1928.
The company offers its nightwear and swimwear in over 30 stationary flagship stores and in an online store.

Features & Benefits

Inspirational color worlds

In the concept and realization of the store, special emphasis was placed on the color logic in order to offer attractive combination options in the “Shop the Look” and “Matches with” areas and on special landing pages. For articles with color options, suitable colors are automatically pre-selected in order to offer customers an optimized shopping experience.

User-friendly article search

The customer journey begins on the start page with inspiring content, followed by the main categories and other topic pages. Anyone looking for specific articles will enjoy the well-thought-out navigation structure in the enlivened mega menu and the free text search based on ElasticSearch.


  • Mey wanted the high quality demands on its own products to also be reflected in the individual facets of the store implementation.
  • High-quality products want to be optimally presented – the Mey online store also operates under the “flagship store” label. The goal: Impressive imagery should encourage shopping.
  • A successful brand experience requires high-resolution images, a perfect customer journey, and fast loading pages.
  • The project implementation also focused on minimizing the time-to-market for the new online store.

The solution

Mey Teaser Maßnahme
  • Re-platforming and further development of the flagship store
    With the migration to the latest Magento 2 version, a solid and expandable basis was laid for the further development of the e-commerce and digitization strategy. Thanks to the modular and maintainable structure of the system and the high level of coverage with automated tests, technical innovations can be easily and safely integrated without affecting productive operation.
  • Shopgate integration
    In addition to the store front end, native apps from the Shopgate provider were docked to the Magento database in order to offer an optimized shopping experience for every user journey.
  • Online store performance
    The high number of users, which at times increases significantly due to special offers, places special demands on the performance of the store system and the server infrastructure. netz98 assessed various infrastructure concepts on the basis of real usage scenarios. In order to meet the requirements of today and in the future, a joint decision was made in favor of a high-performance and self-scaling infrastructure in AWS (Amazon Web Services).
  • Omnichannel and internationalization
    In addition to further steps towards Omnichannel and innovative B2C functionalities, which can further increase the added value for end customers, the focus of further cooperation is further internationalization with additional country stores and the expansion of further brand entities.
  • Makeup of the project team
    The challenge with customer projects is always to create a seamless transition between the initial phase of a project and the agile implementation. To this end, it was necessary to scale the initial core team, which dealt with requirements acquisition and analysis of interfaces and system landscape, into a multifunctional development team within a few weeks. netz98 is perfectly positioned with its “netz98 agile” method, combining customer focus with proven SCRUM components.

What the customer says

netz98 succeeded in getting our new, digital flagship store off to a smooth start. In addition to the professional expertise of each individual, this was achieved by excellent and exemplary teamwork. This project is an excellent proof that, when the right people work together towards a common goal, the end result will be accordingly.

Markus Mey, CEO, Mey Handels GmbH

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