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The new Mey brand impresses with PWA functionalities and innovative store management – for an optimized customer experience

After the successful replatforming of the mey.com online store, Mey completed another project together with the digitization expert, netz98: With mey story, a new brand was created, offering exclusive, customizable underwear for women and men as well as children’s underwear. The heart of the new online store are the progressive web app technologies and the applied headless approach. In addition, the Magento Page Builder is used for content maintenance, as is already the case with Mey’s main portal. The combination of technologies allows a high-quality presentation of brand content and promises an ideal customer experience for Mey.

The Customer

More than 50 percent of the value chain is in Germany, the fabric is produced predominantly at the company headquarters in Albstadt-Lautlingen in Baden-Württemberg. The success story of the family company goes back to 1928.

The company offers its nightwear and swimwear in over 30 stationary flagship stores and in an online store.

Features & Benefits

Exclusive brand experience

At mey story, the special focus is on the high quality and modern presentation of the products. The elegant underwear products are presented in a flexible, and modern web store customers can browse with any device. As a further benefit, the selected goods can be customized with embroidery.

Performance and flexibility

Thanks to the modern web technologies from PWAs, the mey story online store meets the latest standards and is compatible with any web-enabled device. Above all, smartphone access offers many functions and advantages of a native app. The chosen headless approach offers further advantages: Due to the separation of all technology cores, there are no bottlenecks in data transfer. This makes the web store particularly fast, high-performing, and flexible.


  • A high-quality website that appropriately represents the newly created mey story brand visually and haptically and stands out from the existing main portal.
  • An optimized customer experience that feels welcoming to customers on any device and allows shopping without restrictions.
  • A high-performance web store that offers fast loading times and flexible operation even if the customer has a weak internet connection.
  • Use of the existing online store as a basis without completely redeveloping the backend.

The solution

mey story Produktbild
  • Separate store front end
    The design and layout of the new mey story brand are essential distinguishing features when compared to the existing Mey main portal. A separate front end was therefore developed, featuring special user guidance and a distinctive design. The Magento backend basis and the interface to the inventory control system remain the same so that both stores can access the same core functionalities.
  • PWA functionalities
    The mey story webstore was developed using the open source PWA solution, Vue Storefront. Thanks to PWA technology, the online store can make use of the functions of a native app. This includes, for example, installation on a desktop or home screen, or location features and offline functionalities. In addition, thanks to the PWA architecture, the mey story store is device-independent and can be installed on any web-enabled device.
  • System architecture with a headless approach
    The entire data transfer from mey story is headless. This means that the store is not tied to a central backend system and accesses its data directly from various interfaces. This has the advantage that the data is delivered directly to the front end, making the speed and flexibility of the data traffic are extremely high. The result is an extremely high-performing web store with very short loading times. In addition, the mey story online store is completely system-independent and can be implemented in a different system landscape at any time. That also has positive effects on the workflow in the layout, since the front end can be decoupled and programmed independently of the system.
  • Reliable product search with Elasticsearch
    In addition to direct data transfer, the search engine used is Elasticsearch – a powerful tool that has the advantage of a much faster interface. Responses to search queries are sent more quickly and the product search for the customer is highly accelerated. In addition, Elasticsearch has some caching advantages over the Magento core.
  • Easy website management
    The store management of mey story is particularly intuitive and simple for our customer, Mey: With the help of the Magento Page Builder, individual pages can be set up and maintained quickly. It is therefore no problem to add new content to the store or to update existing content.
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