Refrigerators and more: A Magento online shop for the B2C division of the Liebherr Group

The project

netz98 implemented a completely new online shop for Liebherr’s home appliances division. End customers can purchase accessories for their freezers and refrigerators, as well as extended warranties for their appliances. In addition, the e-commerce solution, based on Magento Commerce, offers the option of online redemption of retail coupons.

The customer

The Liebherr Group comprises multiple business units, including special vehicles for construction site operation, automation systems, and home appliances. Since 1954, Liebherr has been producing high-quality refrigerators and freezers for personal and commercial use, which are currently manufactured in four countries.

Features & benefits

Simple usability

The customers arrive at the destination in different ways.


The expansion of the portfolio as well as an internationalization must be easily possible.

Magento Signet


The online shop is based on the current version of Magento Commerce.


  • Conception and implementation of a high-performance consumer online shop for home appliances
  • Simple operation and easy findability of products
  • Connection of different systems to the e-commerce platform, e. g., SAP
  • Agile development with iterative approach
  • Easy expansion of the portfolio and internationalization of the online shop must be possible

Project steps

  • Development of a future-proof, fast, and flexible platform, based on Magento 2
  • Users can find the products (e. g., accessories) in different ways
  • Implementation of sophisticated validation of warranty extensions
  • Integration of a special module to redeem retail coupons
  • Proprietary middleware was connected for the data exchange with SAP and other systems
  • Launch of the online shop in Germany and Austria, followed by international rollout later
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