Digitizing a building materials trade cooperative with Magento

An e-commerce solution for Europe’s leading retail cooperative with 480 members at over 1,800 locations

A “B2X Master Clone Platform” sounds adventurous at first. We ventured into this adventure and develop this highly complex e-commerce solution together with EUROBAUSTOFF. This includes the creation of individual partner shops (clone), derived from a central, not publicly accessible instance (master), which can be used for both, B2B and B2C commerce.

Eurobaustoff Screen

The customer

“Strength through community” is the motto of EUROBAUSTOFF, the leading cooperative of medium-sized specialist dealers for building materials, tiles, and wood in Europe. EUROBAUSTOFF currently includes 480 members with more than 1,800 locations. The members generate external sales of 15 bn. EUR, the purchasing volume in central accounting amounts to more than 6 bn. EUR. Approx. 80 % of the turnover is generated in B2B, the rest in B2C.

Features & Benefits

Digitizing of a trade cooperative

Our e-commerce solution provides EUROBAUSTOFF with the basis for fundamental digitization of business processes.

Building material-specific B2B functionalities

B2B functions that are especially relevant for the construction industry, such as volume conversion, construction sites, freight costs, are implemented.

Development of novel solution approaches

To implement the B2X master clone platform, it is necessary to break away from classic e-commerce project implementation.


  • Creating an extensive service portal for the trade partners
  • Providing easy access to e-commerce for the partners
  • Generating of as many synergy effects as possible for cost savings and fast implementation time of the clones with the highest possible degree of customization
  • Simple maintenance and updating capability of the clones
  • Connections to popular CMS, ERP and PIM systems as well as payment service providers and logistics service providers
  • Smooth data exchange not only between the systems, but also between the central instance (master) and the partner shops (clones)
  • Customizability and differentiation of the individual clones
  • Quality is the Alpha and Omega – high quality assurance must be a given

Project steps

  • Holistic solution conception based on the user stories provided by EUROBAUSTOFF after assessing their feasibility
  • Conducting numerous workshops together with the customer
  • Setting up the optimized digitization strategy, divided into several phases – perfectly agile. In the first phase, development of the master and long-term sprint planning in order to implement first partner clones
  • Selecting an enterprise service bus to connect 3rd party systems to the Magento platform
  • Connecting the individual clones to the corresponding enterprise resource planning systems
  • Connecting the central instance to the product information management systems, contentserv and the wastex, as well as to the internally developed media asset management system and the dangerous goods database, BauPVO
  • Developing a concept and design to exploit as many synergy effects as possible, but also to meet the customization needs of the partner shops according to their corporate designs
  • Concept development for building material trade-specific issues, such as freight costs, quantity conversion, construction site logic
  • Setting up a cloud hosting platform


advantages of digitization

Disciplines & technologies

Concept & design
Interface development
Magento 2 Enterprise
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