netz98 is the leading Magento specialist and offers over 15 years of experience in B2C and B2B e-commerce. Our certified Magento employees work for your success in Mainz, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart and Würzburg.

The store eCommerce software, Magento, is one of the world's fastest growing shopping systems in eCommerce and has established itself with a market share of over 30 %. Magento offers retailers a scalable and flexible eCommerce platform that forms the basis for a successful online business. The system owes its success to a comprehensive feature set and options for economical and high-performing integration into existing business processes.

netz98 & Magento

As a leading Magento Enterprise Solutions Partner, netz98 has the largest team of Magento certified employees in Germany. The passion and professionalism of netz98 in the conception and implementation of eCommerce platforms was honored by Magento in early 2014 with the Spirit of Excellence Award.

Always the right solution

Our interdisciplinary team of experts from the fields of consulting, project management, conception, design, development, quality assurance, and marketing supports eCommerce projects in the B2B and B2C with Magento

eCommerce consulting
eCommerce consulting

Strategic consulting, technical consulting, requirement and target audience definition, market and competitive analysis, marketing strategy

Our strategic and technical consulting makes up our eCommerce consulting.

The task of our strategic consultants is to support our customers in order to define fundamental objectives in eCommerce and identify ways to achieve them.

We will determine how eCommerce is connected with the entire company, what motivates the target audience, what the market demands, and how the competition is positioned.

Technical consulting means the analysis and development of processes and interfaces, as well as the development of the entire system architecture.

In a requirements workshop before the actual project implementation, we define the framework for the future Magento online store.

Our eCommerce consulting does not end with the implementation of your Magento online stores, of course. We will also be happy to continue developing new eCommerce strategies for you and with you.

Shop Implementation
Shop Implementation

System selection, conception, design, usability, technical implementation (frontend, backend), system integration, product information management, enterprise resource planning, Customer Relationship Management, and quality assurance.

We will create a concept that describes the content, create a functional design, and implement frontend and backend of your e-cCommerce portalplatform.



The blueprint for an eCommerce project: Our task is to flesh out the idea of the project at an early stage, to explore the goals and needs of our customers, and to define the requirements for a Magento eCommerce platform. Key topics include information architecture, user-centered design, and user experience. Taking into account technical feasibility, we will develop a concept that describes the structure, navigation, content, and functionality of your online store. The focus is always the user and a high degree of usability.



Based on the concept and according to the design requirements of the corporate identity or the corporate design of our customers, we will develop the future appearance of the eCommerce project. The design must not only appeal to your visitors, but also actively guide them trough your offers. A particular focus is therefore placed on current web design trends and technical developments, such as responsive design/adaptive design/UI & UX design.



Security, stability, and flexibility are key requirements in software development in eCommerce. To fulfill these requirements, we develop our store systems based on Magento, according to the highest quality standards. We guarantee a very high test coverage and, through our own continuous integration server permanently, verify code quality as well as compliance metrics - automated and in all projects. The extensive knowledge of our developers about business processes, industry requirements, and individual needs of our customers ensures optimal functionality of your eCommerce solution.


Project management:

The complexity of eCommerce projects is enormous. Therefore, analysis and planning of resources, budgets and processes requires powerful tools and comprehensive know-how. From the first requirements workshop to implementation of your Magento project and beyond, our experienced project managers manage the customer projects with a clear focus on budget, time, and quality. Our project teams are managed in close cooperation with our customers. We combine agile and traditional project management methods for high flexibility and predictability.

Shop Optimization
Shop Optimization

Potential analysis, tracking, usability testing, A/B testing, conversion optimization, performance and process optimization, security, Magento code review

At least as important as a professional implementation is the continuous optimization of the store. In order to wow your visitors, achieve excellent conversion, and get the most out of your Magento online store in the long term, we apply numerous fine-tuning factors: Together with you, we define relevant metrics and discover potentials for optimization. We track and analyze the behavior of your customers and visitors, further enhance the usability and performance, and increase the security of the store system. Prior to the introduction of a measure, we will of course verify benefits and interactions.

Shop Operation
Shop Operation

Hosting, maintenance and support, monitoring, content management, continued development

eCommerce platforms are expected to generate revenues and profits. The content, such as product information and availability, must always be kept up-to-date. In addition, trouble-free and interruption-free store operation must be ensured. If desired, we therefore assume responsibility for maintenance and support for our customers' Magento online stores, take care of suitable hosting and monitoring, and provide solutions for powerful content management. To allow you to focus on your core business, we, together with a strong partner network, take care of the rest.


Performance marketing: SEA/SEO, email marketing, display advertising, affiliate marketing, social media

Using various performance marketing measures and our entire know-how, we ensure that you attract new customers - and that existing customers love coming back.

After the go-live of your Magento online store, we will create the right marketing strategy for you. We will support you with appropriate performance marketing activities to reach your potential customers. Together with you, we determine how to appeal to your target audience, what marketing activities are worthwhile, and which campaigns promise the greatest success. With our experts who specialize in these areas, we create the appropriate SEO/SEA or social media campaigns, implement banner campaigns, or manage your e-mail marketing.

netz98 & Magento




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